Nextclinics makes first major non-clinic acquistion in europe and aims to become number one provider of biological material in european art field
14. 09. 2020

Nextclinics makes first major non-clinic acquistion in europe and aims to become number one provider of biological material in european art field

Granada/Augsburg, 11 July 2019: NEXTCLINICS announces it will take control of 100% of Ceifer Biobanco (Ceifer) and YES! Reproduccion (YES!), two of Spain’s leading sperm and egg donor banks located in Granada and Seville. This is NEXTCLINICS’ first major non-IVF clinic transaction in 2019 and one of strategic importance.
By way of this acquisition, NEXTCLINICS is fulfilling 2 strategic objectives; continue growth in the ever so important Spanish ART market and offering high-quality, high-volume and diverse biological material for all of its facilities across Europe while at the same time mitigating risk by decreasing dependence on third parties. Ceifer and YES! Founders José Antonio Castilla and Juan Pablo Ramirez and their partner Antonio González have reinvested into NEXTCLINICS and will remain in leadership roles at the clinics in Spain. The valuation of the Ceifer and YES! transaction will not be disclosed.
“The field of ART is on the cusp of greater growth and for NEXTCLINICS to succeed, it was mission critical for us to partner with Ceifer and YES! who over the last years have become a premier health provider in Southern Europe. They have created an admirable patient-drivent donor program which improves accessibility to gamete donation. Our intension is to replicate their scientific and sensitive approach to biological donorship throughout Europe and help the increasing number of couples who require an egg or sperm donor to start a family,” explains Miroslaw Herden CEO of NEXTLCLINICS.
Spain is one of Europe’s most important markets and performs 30% more IVF cycles than Germany or France. The country has a deep-rooted culture in favour of donation of organs and cells, which together with a legal framework that guarantees the safety of donors and patients, makes it a leader in gamete donation in Europe. Alongside the 2 leading bio banks, Ceifer also owns an IVF clinic in Seville where they perform approximately 250 ART cycles/year. Ceifer and YES! have enjoyed a strong and consistent management team since its founding in 1993 and today employ more than 50 medical and support staff professionals.
“By partnering with NEXTCLINICS, we will focus primarily on all aspects of our donor program for the sole purpose of providing improved solutions to our core partners. The remainder of the Group will also benefit from greater donor recruitment, diversity, traceability, and security. NEXTCLINICS has an ambitious story, in just under two years they have changed the face of ART in Europe. We want to be a part of that longevity and provide security for our team, staff, medical and business partners,” said Jose Antonio Castilla, co-founder of Ceifer and YES!
NEXTCLINICS European ART Portfolio
NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL has invested over 225 million EUR over the last 24 months and currently employs 900 people. Ceifer biobanco and YES! Reproduccion join an ART portfolio that includes 16 IVF clinics and sites in 9 countries including our three-hub egg donor & IVF sites in Spain (Imer in Valencia), Czech Republic (Gest in Prague and Prof Zech Pilsen) and Estonia (Fertility Clinic North in Tallinn). The IVF portfolio also includes GynePro Medical Group, specialists in the area of reproductive disorders, infertility, and prenatal diagnosis from Bologna and Verona; the ProCrea Group in Lugano offering IVF and specialized diagnostic services as well as plastic surgery and genetic testing; IVF Centers Prof. Zech, one of Europe’s first clinics that today can be found in 6 counties; Praxisklinik Frauenstraße Clinic in Ulm, Germany. NEXTCLINICS has also invested into other facilities including clinics for aesthetic plastic surgery, hospitals, medical laboratories, and a network of blood sampling and tissue collection centers in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.
About Ceifer Biobanco and YES! Reproduccion
Founded in 1993 and employing more than 50 people, CEIFER Biobanco has become one of Spain’s most respected sperm and oocyte bank providing service to fertility facilities in Europe. Located in Granada and Seville, the facilities go to great lengths to perform the most rigorous and comprehensive screening and perform genetic testing in order to greatly reduce the risk of transmission of autosomal recessive genetic diseases.
NEXTCLINICS operates a network of modern and highly-specialized healthcare facilities and offers primarily care in fertility, allergology, clinical immunology, pneumology, as well as other related fields. Entering the European market in 2015, this dynamically-growing healthcare company with headquarters in Germany aims to foster innovative procedures in healthcare combining the latest diagnostic and treatment methods with a patient- and client-centric approach while using cutting-edge communication technology. Services are available in Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, Spain, and Switzerland. Find more information at
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