Fertility Preservation

Freezing your eggs or sperm for future use

Four Key Reasons To Preserve Fertility

  • Illness
  • Need To Beat The Biological Clock
  • Vasectomy Insurance
  • Not Ready For Kids

Women Who Benefit

  • Those who want a family one day but not just yet
  • Those who haven’t found their preferred partner but want to beat the biological clock
  • Those who will undergo invasive medical treatments which could harm their fertility
  • Fear of passing on damaged genes

So, you’ve retrieved my eggs. What's next?

  • Your eggs are frozen for whenever you are ready to use them and the circumstances are right. The fact is that freezing the healthy eggs of your youth raises the chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy later in life.
  • You may never need to use your frozen eggs, but there’s tremendous peace of mind in knowing you can start a family when the timing’s right and the stars are aligned.
  • It’s totally common that a 40-year old woman gives birth to a healthy baby using her eggs which were frozen 10 years earlier.

Men Who Benefit

  • Those with deteriorating health
  • Those facing treatments which could affect sperm quality and quantity such as chemotherapy
  • To ring fence any change of heart after a planned vasectomy

So, you’ve frozen my sperm. What's next?

  • It’s stored indefinitely until you need it and then it is simply thawed out for use
  • You may never want to use it, but there’s great comfort in knowing it’s there if you need it
* Egg donation is not allowed by law in Germany and we do not offer this service in Germany.