Egg & Sperm Donation

These two common, safe and effective infertility treatments have helped many individuals and couples become parents

Egg donation therapy is available in these countries: Estonia, Czechia, Italy, Austria and Spain

There's Always Hope

It's an often-distressing fact that some women can't have their own biological children. There are numerous reasons:
  • low egg reserves
  • advanced age
  • health complications including the effects of chemotherapy or other medical treatments
  • fear of passing on damaged genes
But none of these stop women from yearning for a family.

Motherhood Through Egg Donation

  • Women who can’t have their own biological children can use eggs donated by women who are normally aged between 19-25.
  • Egg donation can be anonymous or identifiable depending on the laws in your home country. However, would-be mothers can choose an egg donor similar to themselves by basing selection on hair and eye colours, skin tone, family history, education and even hobbies.

Some men have very low sperm count, low sperm mobility or know they risk transmitting autosomal recessive genetic diseases or infectious diseases.

Some women – single ladies and lesbians included - want to start a family but are missing the sperm to do so. These people can turn to a sperm donor for help.

* Egg donation is not allowed by law in Germany and we do not offer this service in Germany.