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NEXTCLINICS at Kinderwunsche Tage in Cologne, Germany

NEXTCLINICS at Kinderwunsche Tage in Cologne, Germany

NEXTCLINICS took part in the Kinderwunsch Tage in Cologne, Germany over the weekend of October 13-14. This is one of the largest German events focusing on infertility treatments and some 1,720 visitors made their way to this year’s instalment.

Visitors couldn’t miss the NEXTCLINICS Café strategically located at the entrance to the Sartory Saal, which was the site of the event. The café created an attractive refuge for visitors to the fair where they could rest and enjoy great coffee and snacks.

The NEXCLINICS stand immediately stood out from all the others at the fair. Its floral decorations and simple design created an oasis with two separate rooms offering a maximum level of discretion. People interested in our services could speak with a doctor without being interrupted or unnerved by the bustle of the trade fair going on around them. Six of our physicians were on hand to talk to visitors and our hostesses helped the large number of perspective clients reserve times for consultations. Some of these meetings even took place in the café and two of our experts, Dr. Michael Jemec a Dr. Birgit Wogatzky, gave lectures in the conference rooms of the Satory Saal over the course of the weekend.

We also unveiled our lifestyle magazine, LoonaMag, at the Kinderwunsche Tage. The first issue was dedicated to all those who want to have a child, covering various topics associated with the everyday challenges that accompany difficulty conceiving. The magazine was available on our stand and each visitor could take home a copy.

The Kinderwunsch Tage in Cologne allowed visitors to meet doctors and other experts in person. NEXCLINICS stood out from the crowd of traditional IVF clinics and offered visitors something extra: privacy, an understanding approach, space for consultations, and the utmost in professionalism.

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NEXTCLINIC operates a network of modern and highly specialized healthcare facilities and offer care primarily in allergology, clinical immunology, pneumology, phtiseology as well as other related fields. We are a leading provider of assisted reproduction services (IVF), gynecology and obstetrics, and offer a diverse range of complimentary services. Our central fundamental guiding principle lies in a responsible and accountable approach to patients, one where information is shared, and where patients are encouraged to take an active role in their own wellbeing.

With presence on multiple European markets, NEXTCLINIC offers patients from around the world the opportunity to choose a preferred location and enjoy the benefits of unique destinations. Customers enjoy healthcare services, but also a wide range of complimentary services.

Project permeating across several disciplines, providing patients the ability to identify and integrate a whole new social group to gain many benefits. It creates opportunities for testing of your health and makes information about health and healthy lifestyle accessible.

The NEXTLIFE application change trends in patient communication with a physician. We allow quality and fast testing, where the patient can determine the time and method of examination. The NEXTLIFE magazine focuses on a healthy lifestyle.

NEXTLAB provides fast and accurate laboratory diagnostics on biological material for private GPs, outpatient specialists, hospitals, patients without a health insurance policy, and those who request laboratory services beyond standard testing.

NEXTLAB builds upon 20 years of experience with its own labs and sample collection centres, offering a wide range of lab tests based on the latest diagnostic methods, devices and technologies. Tests that are not carried out in our labs are forwarded to partner labs in compliance with a strict pre-analytical procedure.

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