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NEXTCLINICS continues growing, the group acquired prominent assisted reproduction clinics in Northern Italy 


Bologna/Augsburg, 17 July 2018: In late June 2018, NEXTCLINICS acquired 100% of GynePro, an Italian medical Group with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics located in Bologna and Verona. With a 20 year history, GynePro is a highly experienced and renowned medical group active in the area of infertility management, assisted reproductive technology (ART), and prenatal diagnosis. GynePro’s founder, Professor Dr. Marco Filicori, will remain with the clinic as its Medical Director and will become a shareholder and investor in NEXTCLINICS. This transaction strengthens NEXTCLINICS’ position as a leading pan European provider of ART clinics and laboratories. This is NEXTCLINICS’ first major transaction in 2018, and follows a number of late 2017 investments in leading fertility centers and laboratories across Europe, valued at 80 million Euro. The valuation of the GynePro transaction will not be disclosed.

“Our expansion strategy must reflect NEXTCLINICS’ promise to our clients: offer the best medical facilities, clinical experts and services. GynePro has an outstanding reputation in the Italian IVF and academic community, is a large IVF clinic in Italy and Professor Filicori is one of the most respected and experienced clinicians and reproductive medicine scientists in Europe. Recognizing that Italy is a key market for us, our first option was the GynePro Group because of their top quality and reputation. We have every intention of continuing to invest in Italy, both through organic growth and acquisitions”, explains Miroslaw Herden, CEO of NEXTCLINICS.

“The leadership at NEXTCLINICS provides improved opportunities to enhance and expand the range and quality of services offered to our patients than GynePro could as a stand-alone organization. By joining the NEXTCLINICS family, our patients can take full advantage of a wide variety of high level services, including the largest European egg and sperm donation programs, and complementary disciplines such as genetics and specialized laboratory services, most notably the ones provided by the Archimed Group,” said Professor Marco Filicori, GynePro Medical Director and Founder.

“We are delighted with our new partner, we feel they are a perfect fit for NEXTCLINICS. We believe there is great potential in the consolidation of the market of reproductive medicine clinics and related services throughout Europe by providing highly qualified specialized services, coupled with the highest possible standards,” said Michael Bretterbauer, Business Development Director for South Europe at NEXTCLINICS.

NEXTCLINICS can confirm that there will be no changes to current operations or management of GynePro.

NEXTCLINICS European Portfolio Growing

NEXTCLINICS International invested 80 million Euro in in 2017 and forecasted investments of up to 200 million Euro in 2018. GynePro joins a portfolio which includes the Archimed Group, an Italian center for specialized genetics, laboratory and diagnostic services for more than 600 healthcare facilities, the ProCrea Group in Lugano offering IVF and specialized diagnostic services as well as plastic surgery and genetics, IMER in Valencia and Denia Spain, a leader in egg and sperm donation in Europe as well as the Praxisklinik Frauenstraße Clinic in Ulm, Germany, Genetika Plzen and the GEST Centre of Reproductive Medicine & Gynecology in Prague, the Czech Republic.

NEXTCLINICS has also invested in other facilities including hospitals, medical laboratories and a network of blood sampling and tissue collection centers in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.


NEXTCLINICS operates a network of modern and highly specialized healthcare facilities and offer care primarily in allergology, clinical immunology, pneumology as well as other related fields. Entering the European market in 2015, this dynamically growing healthcare company with headquarters in Germany aims to foster innovative procedures in healthcare combining the latest diagnostic and treatment methods with a patient and client-centric approach and using high-tech communication technology. Services are available in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, while also serving other countries. More information at

About GynePro

In the last two decades the GynePro Medical Group has been at the forefront of the clinical management of women’s health in Italy, particularly in the area of reproductive disorders, infertility, and prenatal diagnosis. GynePro is based in Bologna and Verona, with affiliated clinics in several Italian regions. GynePro was founded and is directed by Professor Marco Filicori, a physician and scientist with international recognition and reputation. State of the art technology in the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory and highly qualified physicians and embryologists have allowed GynePro to achieve top clinical results in assisted reproduction. More information at

Press release


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NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition

NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management, a major global investment group, as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition of healthcare facilities in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.


Granada/Augsburg, 11 July 2019: NEXTCLINICS announces it will take control of 100% of Ceifer Biobanco (Ceifer) and YES! Reproduccion (YES!), two of Spain’s leading sperm and egg donor banks located in Granada and Seville. This is NEXTCLINICS’ first major non-IVF clinic transaction in 2019 and one of strategic importance. By way of this acquisition, NEXTCLINICS is fulfilling 2 strategic objectives; continue growth in the ever so important Spanish ART market and offering high-quality, high-volume and diverse biological material for all of its facilities across Europe while at the same time mitigating risk by decreasing dependence on third parties. Ceifer and YES! Founders José Antonio Castilla and Juan Pablo Ramirez and their partner Antonio González have reinvested into NEXTCLINICS and will remain in leadership roles at the clinics in Spain. The valuation of the Ceifer and YES! transaction will not be disclosed.

Press releases overview...

NEXTCLINIC svolge una rete degli apparecchi moderni e altamente specializzati della cura di salute e offre cura soprattutto nel settore di allergologia, imunologia clinica, medicina polmonare, ftizeologia e di altri settori relativi. Siamo un fornitore eminente dei servizi di procreazione assistita (IVF), ginecologia e ostetricia, e offriamo un largo spettro dei servizi complementari. Il nostro principio principale è un approccio responsabile ai pazienti, in cui ambito i pazienti non hanno paura di partecipare attivamente alla decisione della loro salute e pace dello spirito.

Tramite svolgimento su alcuni mercati europei offre NEXTCLINIC ai pazienti di tutto il mondo un´opportunità di scegliere una località preferita e usufruire le destinazioni uniche. I clienti utilizzano tranne i servizi di salute anche un largo spettro dei servizi complementari.

Il progetto, che si mischia con alcuni altri settori, offre ai pazienti una possibilità di identificare e collegarsi a un gruppo sociale completamente nuovo e ottenere molti vantaggi. Crea le opportunità da verificare la vostra salute e fornisce le informazioni sulla salute e su un disponibile stile di vita salubre.

Applicazione di NEXTLIFE cambia i trend della comunicazione del paziente con il medico. Permette un esame veloce e di qualità durante cui il paziente può stabilire da solo il tempo e il modo della visita. La rivista NEXTLIFE si concentra sullo stile di vita salubre.

NEXTLAB fornisce una diagnostica laboratoria veloce e precisa dei materiali biologici per i privati medici generici, specialisti ambulatori, ospedali, pazienti senza l´assicurazione di salute e per quelli che richiedono i servizi laboratori fuori degli esami standard.

NEXTLAB fonda su 20 anni di esperienze con la pratica dei propri laboratori e centri del prelievo di camponi, offre un largo spettro dei test laboratori derivanti dai più nuovi metodi diagnostici, apparecchi e tecnologie. I test, che non eseguiamo nei nostri laboratori, passiamo ai laboratori gemellati in conformità di una severa analitica pratica di preparazione.

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