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NEXTCLINICS adds the IVF Centers of Prof. Zech to portfolio and becomes one of the Europe’s 3 largest assisted reproductive technology providers


Bregenz/Salzburg/Augsburg, 1 August 2018: On the heels of acquiring Italy’s GynePro Medical Group in June 2018, NEXTCLINICS is proud to announce it will take control of 100% of The IVF Centers Prof. ZECH (Zech IVF), one of Europe’s largest networks of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics with offices in Bregenz, Salzburg, Cologne, Vaduz, Niederuzwil, Pilsen and Merano. In less than a year, NEXTCLINICS has expanded to be among Europe’s top 3 IVF providers with 14 clinics in its portfolio across the continent. NEXTCLINICS now has the perfect platform to invest into further European and global growth. Because of the enormous overlap of philosophy and principles between the two groups, Zech IVF’s founder Professor Dr. Herbert Zech has become shareholder in NEXTCLINICS. Further, Professor Zech will join the Medical Board in a leading position and will support the further international expansion of NEXTCLINICS. The transaction is part of the NEXTCLINICS plan to invest up to EUR 200 million in 2018. The valuation of the Zech IVF transaction will not be disclosed and is subject to Austrian anti-trust regulatory approval.

“This is a game changer. Having this brand in our group is critical for further European and global growth. Professor Zech’s quality standards, research, reputation, and success rates are outstanding and it is an honor to call him and his team our partner. With this transaction, we are doubling in size and outperforming our expansion plans. With every passing day, we are getting closer to being the biggest, most significant force in the European IVF sector,” explains Miroslaw Herden, CEO of NEXTCLINICS.

“We opened the clinic 34 years ago. Our goal was to treat patients on an individual basis by applying the latest and safest technologies in order for them to conceive a healthy child, whenever possible at the first attempt. That hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is our ability to independently grow and at the same time continue to foster the unique doctor-patient relationship that is crucial to success. By investing and partnering with NEXTCLINICS, our entire team can focus on what we do best while NEXTCLINICS adds strategic geographic coverage with clinics that offer a convergence of research, modern technology, and alternative treatments,” said Professor Dr. Herbert Zech.

NEXTCLINICS’ expanded network, with close proximity to major commercial centers coupled with successful clinics in the strategically critical Alpine region, significantly increases its ability to receive incoming patients from Europe and abroad, while also serving as a powerful blueprint for further expansion.

“The level of mutual understanding in terms of philosophy and approach between NEXTCLINICS and Professor Zech is truly remarkable. He and his family were so convinced of our concept that they decided to combine their life’s work with NEXTCLINICS, which is a great honor. We will immediately be able to benefit from integrating Professor Zech’s developed infrastructure in terms of IT, data, and most importantly customer care; all created in order to best service every single patient,” NEXTCLINICS CFO Markus Stötter explained.

NEXTCLINICS can confirm that there will be no changes to the current operations or management of Zech IVF.

NEXTCLINICS European Portfolio

NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL invested EUR 80 million in 2017 and forecasted investments of up to EUR 200 million in 2018. The IVF Centers of Prof. ZECH joins a growing portfolio that includes GynePro Medical Group, specialists in the area of reproductive disorders, infertility, and prenatal diagnosis from Bologna and Verona; the ProCrea Group in Lugano offering IVF and specialized diagnostic services as well as plastic surgery and genetics; IMER in Valencia and Denia, Spain, a leader in egg and sperm donation in Europe; as well as the Praxisklinik Frauenstraße Clinic in Ulm, Germany; Genetika Pilsen and the GEST Centre of Reproductive Medicine & Gynecology in Prague, the Czech Republic.

NEXTCLINICS has also invested in other facilities including hospitals, medical laboratories, and a network of blood sampling and tissue collection centers in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.


NEXTCLINICS operates a network of modern and highly-specialized healthcare facilities and offers primarily care in fertility, allergology, clinical immunology, pneumology, as well as other related fields. Entering the European market in 2015, this dynamically growing healthcare company with headquarters in Germany aims to foster innovative procedures in healthcare combining the latest diagnostic and treatment methods with a patient- and client-centric approach while using cutting-edge communication technology. Services are available in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland while also serving other countries. Find more information at

About IVF Centers Prof. ZECH

The IVF Centers Prof. Zech, currently located in five European countries and employ more than 120 medical experts are among Europe’s leading private clinic groups in the field of reproductive medicine. Their commitment to the highest standards in technology, science, and research serve to meet the goal of providing the best possible care for patients. The IVF Centers Prof. Zech enjoy worldwide respect in treating infertility and developing medical options in assisted reproductive technology (ART) in order to provide couples with an optimum level of support to enhance their chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy child.


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NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management, a major global investment group, as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition of healthcare facilities in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.


Bolonia / Augsburgo, 17 de julio de 2018: a finales de junio de 2018, NEXTCLINICS adquirió el 100% de GynePro, un grupo médico italiano con clínicas de Fecundación in Vitro (FIV) ubicadas en las ciudades de Bolonia y Verona. Con 20 años de historia, GynePro es un grupo médico con larga experiencia en el ambito de la infertilidad, la tecnología asociada a la reproducción asistida (ART) y el diagnóstico prenatal. El fundador de GynePro, el profesor Dr. Marco Filicori, permanecerá en la clínica como Director Médico y se convertirá en accionista e inversor de NEXTCLINICS. Esta transacción refuerza la posición de NEXTCLINICS como proveedor paneuropeo líder de clínicas y laboratorios de ART. Esta es la primera y mayor transacción de NEXTCLINICS en 2018, que sigue a una serie de inversiones realizadas a finales de 2017 en centros y laboratorios de fertilidad líderes en toda Europa, valoradas en 80 millones de euros. La valoración de la transacción en GynePro no será revelada.

Resumen de prensa...

NEXTCLINICS opera una red de atención médica innovadora y altamente especializada en los campos de alergología, inmunología clínica, neumología, fisiología, y otros campos relacionados. Somos líderes en servicios de reproducción asistida (FIV), ginecología y obstetricia, con una amplia gama de servicios complementarios. Nuestro principio fundamental en la relación con los pacientes se basa en un enfoque responsable de la situación y una información transparente, donde se anima a los pacientes a tener un rol activo en su propio bienestar. Con presencia en múltiples mercados europeos, NEXTCLINICS ofrece a pacientes de todo el mundo la posibilidad de elegir dónde desean tratarse con el fin de poder aprovechar los beneficios únicos de cada destino. Nuestros pacientes se benefician así de nuestros servicios de salud, pero también de una amplia gama de servicios complementarios.

El proyecto NEXTLIFE se extiende a varias disciplinas con el fin de ofrecer a los pacientes la posibilidad de identificar e integrar un nuevo grupo social que le puede reportar beneficios para su salud: la aplicación permite evaluar su salud, y le ofrece información relacionada, también pone a su disposición información sobre estilos de vida saludable.

Esta aplicación de NEXTLIFE supone un cambio de tendencia en la comunicación entre el médico y el paciente. Hacemos posible el diagnóstico rápido y de calidad, donde el paciente puede determinar el tiempo y el método utilizado para realizar la prueba.

La revista NEXTLIFE se enfoca en un estilo de vida saludable.

NEXTLAB proporciona resultados de estudios de material biológico rápidos y precisos, para médicos de familia privados, especialistas en consultas externas, hospitales, pacientes sin póliza de seguro de salud y aquellos que solicitan servicios de laboratorio más allá de las pruebas estándar.

NEXTLAB se basa en 20 años de experiencia con sus propios laboratorios y centros de recolección de muestras, ofreciendo una amplia gama de pruebas de laboratorio basadas en los últimos métodos de diagnóstico, dispositivos y tecnologías. Las pruebas que no se llevan a cabo en nuestros laboratorios se envían a los laboratorios asociados de conformidad con un estricto procedimiento preanalítico.

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