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NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition


NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management, a major global investment group, as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition of healthcare facilities in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

“The entry of Oaktree Capital Management, one of the world’s largest global investment groups, allows NL Holding to pursue its strategy of consolidating reproduction medical clinics in Europe and abroad,” says Miroslaw Herden, who has been named CEO and responsible for NL Holding’s further development. “Our strategic objective is to build a European network of modern clinical facilities for assisted reproduction, genetics and specialised laboratories and offer complementary services provided by out-patient facilities,” explains Miroslaw Herden.

NL Holding has extended its current portfolio of healthcare facilities it operates to include the ProCrea Group in Lugano which provides assisted reproduction services and specialised diagnostic services as well as plastic surgery and genetics for Swiss and international patients. ProCrea Group has facilities not only in Lugano, where it is based, but also in northern Italy. NL Holding has also acquired Archimed Group, an Italian centre for specialized genetics, laboratory and diagnostic services for more than 600 healthcare facilities.

NL Holding has recently also taken over IMER in Spain, a leader in egg donation in Europe. Its facilities in Valencia and Denia are considered one of the most modern facilities in the Iberian Peninsula providing genetics advice in addition to the standard services in assisted reproduction. IMER also operates facilities in Barcelona and is one of the leading supplier for assisted reproduction centres in Italy for egg donation.

“We acquired these facilities in order leverage synergic effects with our current assets and offer us growth in new regions,” adds Miroslaw Herden.

NL Holding: Further growth, seeking synergies, and development of assisted reproduction and related services

In 2018, NL Holding intends to invest up to 200 million Euro and will primarily target European and international reproductive and fertility facilities that feature innovative health care for patients and offer synergies with the growing portfolio. Over the past two years, NL Holding has invested in other facilities including hospitals, reproduction medicine clinics and also, for example, medical laboratories and a network of blood sampling and tissue collection centres in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. In the Czech Republic, NL Holding operates an out-patient network, assisted reproduction centres and a network for genetic and special analytics and also offers direct sale of health services to clients via its unique Next Life system, which shall be implemented group wide in future. “We want to continue to reinforce all these activities. In doing so, we focus not only on the acquisition of facilities but also on the quality of the provided services and the mutual synergic effects that they bring,” says Josef Brož, Head of Advisory Board of NL Holding and invested in NL Holding.

NL Holding’s founding investors are from the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. They want to build a strong partnership on their experience with the development of health care facilities and also on their practical experience with and knowledge of global healthcare operations. “We now see great potential in the consolidation of the market of reproduction medicine clinics and related services throughout Europe and their integration into a global network providing highly qualified specialist services at a high standard,” explains Miroslaw Herden, pointing out that in the Czech Republic and Germany, there are a large number of first-class experts with whom NL Holding already cooperates. “Further expansion of the network with those whom we work is the central source of how we plan to build our success,” adds Miroslaw Herden.


About us

NL - HOLDING is a dynamically growing healthcare company with headquarters in Germany. Entering the European market in 2015, its ambition was to foster innovative procedures in healthcare combining the latest diagnostic and treatment methods with a patient-centric approach and using high-tech communication technology. Our services are available in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, while also serving other countries.

NL - HOLDING is founded on three pillars, driven by the needs of today’s patients.  

NEXTCLINIC is a network of healthcare facilities with state-of-the art technology and instruments providing the most modern health services. Its success is built around working with high-quality physicians and experts with a patient-first approach.

NEXTLAB supplements these healthcare facilities with its own blood taking facilities and modern laboratories, which specialise in highly exacting and specialist examinations and genetic analysis and advice.

NEXTLIFE goes across all disciplines and offers patients comprehensive healthcare using advanced communication technology and interactive applications, ranging from preventive care to examination and potential treatment.


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NEXTCLINICS adds the IVF Centers of Prof. Zech to portfolio and becomes one of the Europe’s 3 largest assisted reproductive technology providers

Bregenz/Salzburg/Augsburg, 1 August 2018: On the heels of acquiring Italy’s GynePro Medical Group in June 2018, NEXTCLINICS is proud to announce it will take control of 100% of The IVF Centers Prof. ZECH (Zech IVF), one of Europe’s largest networks of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics with offices in Bregenz, Salzburg, Cologne, Vaduz, Niederuzwil, Pilsen and Merano. In less than a year, NEXTCLINICS has expanded to be among Europe’s top 3 IVF providers with 14 clinics in its portfolio across the continent. NEXTCLINICS now has the perfect platform to invest into further European and global growth. Because of the enormous overlap of philosophy and principles between the two groups, Zech IVF’s founder Professor Dr. Herbert Zech has become shareholder in NEXTCLINICS. Further, Professor Zech will join the Medical Board in a leading position and will support the further international expansion of NEXTCLINICS. The transaction is part of the NEXTCLINICS plan to invest up to EUR 200 million in 2018. The valuation of the Zech IVF transaction will not be disclosed and is subject to Austrian anti-trust regulatory approval.

NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition

NL Holding announces it has secured Oaktree Capital Management, a major global investment group, as its partner for further expansion and the acquisition of healthcare facilities in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

Resumen de prensa...

NEXTCLINICS opera una red de atención médica innovadora y altamente especializada en los campos de alergología, inmunología clínica, neumología, fisiología, y otros campos relacionados. Somos líderes en servicios de reproducción asistida (FIV), ginecología y obstetricia, con una amplia gama de servicios complementarios. Nuestro principio fundamental en la relación con los pacientes se basa en un enfoque responsable de la situación y una información transparente, donde se anima a los pacientes a tener un rol activo en su propio bienestar. Con presencia en múltiples mercados europeos, NEXTCLINICS ofrece a pacientes de todo el mundo la posibilidad de elegir dónde desean tratarse con el fin de poder aprovechar los beneficios únicos de cada destino. Nuestros pacientes se benefician así de nuestros servicios de salud, pero también de una amplia gama de servicios complementarios.

El proyecto NEXTLIFE se extiende a varias disciplinas con el fin de ofrecer a los pacientes la posibilidad de identificar e integrar un nuevo grupo social que le puede reportar beneficios para su salud: la aplicación permite evaluar su salud, y le ofrece información relacionada, también pone a su disposición información sobre estilos de vida saludable.

Esta aplicación de NEXTLIFE supone un cambio de tendencia en la comunicación entre el médico y el paciente. Hacemos posible el diagnóstico rápido y de calidad, donde el paciente puede determinar el tiempo y el método utilizado para realizar la prueba.

La revista NEXTLIFE se enfoca en un estilo de vida saludable.

NEXTLAB proporciona resultados de estudios de material biológico rápidos y precisos, para médicos de familia privados, especialistas en consultas externas, hospitales, pacientes sin póliza de seguro de salud y aquellos que solicitan servicios de laboratorio más allá de las pruebas estándar.

NEXTLAB se basa en 20 años de experiencia con sus propios laboratorios y centros de recolección de muestras, ofreciendo una amplia gama de pruebas de laboratorio basadas en los últimos métodos de diagnóstico, dispositivos y tecnologías. Las pruebas que no se llevan a cabo en nuestros laboratorios se envían a los laboratorios asociados de conformidad con un estricto procedimiento preanalítico.

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