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Internal Medicine Specialist / Internist


The Inselkrankenhaus Borkum with its emergency care unit and internal medicine practice has been managed by Leer s.r.o. since 2011. The hospital and its eight beds are part of Lower Saxony’s future plans and the facility is irreplaceable for the 5,500 inhabitants and some 300,000 tourists that visit the island. The practice is attached to the healthcare centre and the services offered by the facility span from internal medicine to cross-specialization emergency treatment. We currently care for 800 patients each year. The medical team is made up of three internists (internal medicine specialists), that are reinforced on weekends by a physician from a Leer clinic. The Inselkrankenhaus Borkum has been completely refurbished, equipped with modern technologies, and a new building with examination rooms was opened in 2015. Physicians from Leer’s clinics are available to provide support in specialized fields like traumatology, emergency surgery, spinal surgery, gynaecology, interventional cardiology, endoscopy, etc.

You’re ready to join us if…

  • You have acquired a comprehensive grasp of internal medicine and have a healthy approach to patients
  • You have knowledge in fields other than emergency medicine
  • You are capable of independence when fulfilling various important tasks
  • You have years of experience and are seeking an alternative to a traditional hospital environment

Think about it. A myriad of challenges await you in a position that will allow you to grow without presenting financial risks. The contract with the hospital operator and the health centre offers an attractive compensation package that corresponds to the responsibility of the position.

Questions about living arraignments, options for child education, travel to the mainland, and other topics can be discussed during an interview. Please contact the Klinik Leer management directly at (Tel. 0491/86-2100, Send your application to, or by mail to: Klinikum Leer, Geschäftsleitung Augustenstr. 35-37, 26789 Leer.

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NEXTCLINICS participated in ESHRE 2018 in Barcelona 05.07.2018 NEXTCLINICS at Kinderwunsche Tage in Cologne, Germany NEXTCLINICS at Kinderwunsche Tage in Cologne, Germany 23.10.2018 News overview...

NEXTCLINIC operates a network of modern and highly specialized healthcare facilities and offer care primarily in allergology, clinical immunology, pneumology, phtiseology as well as other related fields. We are a leading provider of assisted reproduction services (IVF), gynecology and obstetrics, and offer a diverse range of complimentary services. Our central fundamental guiding principle lies in a responsible and accountable approach to patients, one where information is shared, and where patients are encouraged to take an active role in their own wellbeing.

With presence on multiple European markets, NEXTCLINIC offers patients from around the world the opportunity to choose a preferred location and enjoy the benefits of unique destinations. Customers enjoy healthcare services, but also a wide range of complimentary services.

Project permeating across several disciplines, providing patients the ability to identify and integrate a whole new social group to gain many benefits. It creates opportunities for testing of your health and makes information about health and healthy lifestyle accessible.

The NEXTLIFE application change trends in patient communication with a physician. We allow quality and fast testing, where the patient can determine the time and method of examination. The NEXTLIFE magazine focuses on a healthy lifestyle.

NEXTLAB provides fast and accurate laboratory diagnostics on biological material for private GPs, outpatient specialists, hospitals, patients without a health insurance policy, and those who request laboratory services beyond standard testing.

NEXTLAB builds upon 20 years of experience with its own labs and sample collection centres, offering a wide range of lab tests based on the latest diagnostic methods, devices and technologies. Tests that are not carried out in our labs are forwarded to partner labs in compliance with a strict pre-analytical procedure.

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